Mouhamadou Sy

Mouhamadou Sy

Imperial College London





Research interests:

  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Stochastic Analysis



Nonlinear Schrödinger, Wave Equations ; Supercritical Equations ; Invariant Measures ; Euler and Navier-Stokes type Equations ;

KPZ universality 



  1. (with J. Földes) Almost sure global well-posedness for 3D Euler and other fluid dynamics models (pdf)

  2. (with X. Yu). Global well-posedness and long-time behavior of the fractional NLS, Published in Stochastics and Partial Differential Equations: Analysis and Computations. DOI (arxiv)
  3. (with X. Yu). Global well-posedness of the cubic fractional NLS on the unit disc, Published in Nonlinearity. DOI: 10.1088/1361-6544/ac5154 (arxiv)
  4. (with X. Yu). Almost sure global well-posedness for the energy supercritical NLS on the unit ball of R^3, Submitted. (arxiv)
  5. (with J. Földes). Invariant measures and global well-posedness for the SQG equation, Published in ARMA, DOI (pdf).
  6. Almost sure global well-posedness for the energy supercritical Schrödinger equations, Published in Journal de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées, DOI (pdf)
  7. Invariant measure and large time dynamics of the cubic Klein-Gordon equation in 3D. Published in Stochastics and Partial Differential Equations: Analysis and Computations, 2019. DOI: 10.1007/s40072-018-0130-0 (pdf)
  8. Invariant measure and long time behavior of regular solutions of the Benjamin-Ono equation. Published in Analysis and PDE, 2018. DOI: 10.2140/apde.2018.11.184 (pdf)




          (Ph.D thesis) Invariant measures for Hamiltonian PDEs, pdf


Selected talks


  • May 30th, 2023. University of Washington, Seattle (USA)

  • Nov 10th, 2022. University of Maryland, College Park (USA)

  • Nov 4th, 2022. University of Virginia, Charlottesville (USA)

  • Oct 1st, 2022. AMS Sectional Meeting, Amherst (USA)

  • May 23rd, 2022. University of Oxford, Oxford (UK)

  • May 20th, 2022. University of Bonn, Bonn (Germany)

  • March 24th, 2022. University of Bielefeld, Bielefeld (Germany)

  • January 25th, 2022. Imperial College London, London (UK)
  • Oct 20th, 2021. ICERM, Providence (USA)
  • July 16th, 2021. Mathematical Congress of the Americas 2021
  • January 22nd 2021: Gatech, Atlanta (Georgia)
  • March 6th 2020: African Institute of Mathematical Sciences, MBour (Senegal)
  • Oct 4th 2019: Applied and Computational Mathematics seminar, Tulane University, New Orleans (USA)
  • Sep 24th 2019: PDE/Analysis seminar, MIT, Cambridge (USA)

  • May 9th 2019: APDE seminar, University of Maryland, College Park (USA)

  • March 16th 2019: Fluid dynamics workshop, UVA, Charlottesville (USA)

  • Feb 22nd 2019: PDE seminar, Brown University, Providence (USA)

  • Sep 18th 2018: HAPDE seminar, UVA, Charlottesville (USA)

  • June 19 2018: Jeunes chercheurs en Analyse des Equations Dispersives, Paris 13 (France)

  • Mar 23 2018: Journées JEF18, Nancy (France)

  • Feb 15 2018: PDE seminar, LMB, Besançon (France)

  • Jan 29 2018: Mathematical Physics seminar, Institut Fourier, Grenoble (France)

  • Nov 28 2017: HAPDE Seminar, University of Virginia, Charlottesville (USA)

  • July 25 2017: Equadiff conference, Bratislava (Slovakia)

  • July 2 2016: AIMS 11th conference, Orlando (USA)

  • April 26 2016: PDE seminar, Brown university, Providence (USA)



  • 2023: May-June, University of Washinton, Seattle (USA)
  • 2022: November, University of Virginia, Charlottesville (USA)
  • 2022: October, UMASS Amherst, Amherst (USA)
  • 2021: May, University of Oxford, Oxford (UK)
  • 2019: From October 4th to October 11th, Tulane University, New Orleans (USA)
  • 2019: From September 23rd to September 25th, MIT, Boston (USA)
  • 2019: From May 7th to May 10th, University of Maryland, College Park (USA)
  • 2019: From February 19th to February 22nd, Brown University, Providence (USA)
  • 2018: From January 29th to January 31st, Institut Fourier, Grenoble (France)
  • 2017: From November 25th to December 3rd, University of Virginia, Charlottesville (USA)
  • 2016: From April 17th to May 1st, Brown university, Providence (USA)