Mouhamadou Sy

Mouhamadou Sy

Imperial College London





Research interests:

  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Stochastic Analysis



Nonlinear Schrödinger, Wave Equations ; Supercritical Equations ; Invariant Measures ; Euler and Navier-Stokes type Equations ;

KPZ universality 

My books in Fula language

I worked to scientifically empower the African languages, endowing the Fula language with modern scientific terminology and marhematics texbooks:

  1. Scientific methods and critical thinking: ”Hakkille Ganndiweejo”, 2024, pdf

  2. Noggannde Silo Hiisiwo”, 2022, pdf 

  3. Gannde Hiisiwe”, 2019, pdf

  4. Binndande Hiisankooje”, Papyrus Afrique, 2016 (Subject to editorial rights, but we will find a solution...)


Outreach and scientific culture in Fula language

Here are selected texts that were published in magasines in Fula and blogs...

  1. Dirtal Brownewal (Brownian motion), pdf 

  2. Hofre (Courbure), pdf  

  3. Ƴellito 1 (Evolution 1), pdf

  4. Ƴellito 2 (Evolution 2): pdf

  5. Artere alkule Pulaar (The frequency of letters of the Fula alphabet), pdf

  6. Limoral faruwal (Nombre univers), pdf

  7. Sirliwal 1 (Crypto 1), pdf

  8. Sirliwal 2 (Crypto 2), pdf

  9. Yeddittoonde Simpson (Simpson paradox), pdf

  10. Ganndal weeyo Dogon en (On astronomy knowlegde of Dogon people), pdf

  11. Hiisiwal (Mathematics), pdf


I like drawing ...

I started drawing very early. It is usual in my home region that children from about four to seven or so practice ceramic techniques to make their own horses to play with. It was an occasion for me to do more than horses, I tried every object and animal I could imagine. I think this led me to drawing. I practiced this activity (mainly for portraits) almost daily till the age of fifteen. Then, based on religious beliefs, people around me told me to stop it by invoking a lot of punishments ! I just stopped it and remained with a writing activity.

Even later, when I stopped taking seriously these punishement arguments, I stayed anyway away from drawing. But during the pandemic, I awakened this passion and now I draw once I have some free time to spend !

The sketch above is about the current women condition in many african societies. In addition to difficulties known in other countries, they undergo highly unfair conditions such as polygamy and different postulated ones. The blood in the left hand signifies their hard condition, the claws on the right hand symbolize their combativeness. The overall sketch is a tribute to their fundamental role in the survival of the society and to condemn the unjustice they are undergoing while betting on their own strenght to change the situation.

I also enjoy sharing maths and sciences during my vacations. Here a course on statistics in a women's association school in Mauritania