Mouhamadou Sy

Mouhamadou Sy

Imperial College London





Research interests:

  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Stochastic Analysis



Nonlinear Schrödinger, Wave Equations ; Supercritical Equations ; Invariant Measures ; Euler and Navier-Stokes type Equations ;

KPZ universality 

AIMS Lectures 2023

"AIMS Lectures" initiative is a annual school that takes place at AIMS-Senegal as part of the German Research Chair in "Mathematics and its Applications" held by Mouhamadou Sy. For each year a topic is selected among areas of mathematics linked to the chair's program and is intended for young researchers and graduate students. The courses are tailored to provide a strong introduction to a research area giving both a friendly introduction and an exposition of important research directions and applications.


The 2023 Edition is devoted to "PDEs and Randomness". This is a rapidly growing area with a strong community of researchers across the world. The major focus of the 2023 school will be the use of randomisation to solve PDE problems. Four courses will be delivered:


  • Prof. Florian Bechtold (University of Bielefeld): An introduction to pathwise regularization by noise

  • Prof. Moustapha Dieye (Polytech Thies): An introduction to stochastic calculus

  • Prof. Moustapha Fall (AIMS Senegal): An introduction to local and nonlocal PDEs

  • Prof. Mouhamadou Sy (AIMS Senegal): Probabilistic study of Hamiltonian PDEs


Download the calendar here


The 2023 Edition is organised by: Moustapha Fall (AIMS Senegal) and Mouhamadou Sy (AIMS Senegal)


To apply for attending the school and for travel and accommodation fundings, please submit the form here